People often ask us 'why Rhythm?'.

The reason is that a refund is only possible if you send us the request in rhyming couplets.

If after trying Deflame every day, for at least 30 days you find that you are seeing little or no improvements, then please get in touch. We will do our utmost to make things better for you, but if you prefer a refund just ask and we will oblige. There are two caveats you need to be aware of:

We cannot accept refunds on grounds of taste alone. We understand that Deflame is strong tasting, and we've tried to make that clear in all our marketing materials.

We can only refund one bottle. For this reason we encourage our customers to try one bottle first, before they commit to multi-buy purchases.

Refunds will be processed immediately but usually take 5-7 business days to hit your bank account. We would like to be able to return the funds to you sooner, but we are subject to Stripe's terms and conditions so we ask that you are patient with us whilst the refund is being processed.

To get in touch, email us at, or get in touch via any one of the methods on our contact page.

We refund you the full amount you paid, including shipping cost (which we bear), and we do not require any unopened products returned because we want to control quality to new customers (all customers receive brand new products when they place an order with us), and we prefer to save on the energy and emissions it would take to return the products to us.

Refunds requested through Amazon will be dependent on Amazon's terms and conditions, but in essence the same policy applies. Not happy - > Refund. Simple.

This policy is based on the confidence we have in the quality of our product, and the standard of service we provide. In turn, we place some faith in our customers to not take advantage of this as we are at a very early stage of our journey and the all-in cost of a refunds is very expensive.

Last Updated

September 9th 2023