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Our mission is simple:

To help our customers happier through better movement.

We believe that developing and maintaining a body that can move well is essential for living a long and healthy life. That's why we're on a mission to create the best recovery products in the world.

We use only the highest quality ingredients, the best possible technology, and enjoyable formats so that you can make the most of each day.

Every effort we make today creates a better future for ourselves and those around us.

Our products are recognised by leading publcations for their benefit to their users.


It's never too late...

We've realised through personal experience that we must fiercely protect our ability to move.

We got to a point where aches and pains forced a change in our healthy habits, and our health declined because we couldn't perform our favourite sports and activities at the same level, with the same intensity, and as often as we wanted to.

It was a vicious cycle that left us feeling like we were past it. Before we knew it, we found ourselves using the words "I used to..." We've set out to change that. Rhythm Nutrition is about supporting the lifelong journey of the athlete (that's you) - about listening to your rhythm, taking control of your health, and acknowledging that it is never too late to change.

My struggle with chronic pain.

Yasir's story.

For a long time, I didn't think I would ever be able to live an everyday life again. I was diagnosed with a chronic condition and went from being an active sportsman to not being able to exercise at all.

It happened almost overnight. I was living with chronic pain in my muscles and joints – as if I was waking up to having run a marathon the previous day, every single day.

I had to give up running and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which had a massive impact on my physical and mental well-being because it was such a big part of me. Today, I'm grateful to be well on the path to recovery, but it took a lot of work to get to where I am now. I adopted lifestyle changes, including an anti-inflammatory diet.

One of the most significant breaks was when I stopped taking Ibuprofen and started taking supplements like fish oil, turmeric, ginger, and Boswellia. I noticed an actual reduction in pain and reduced swelling overall.

The problem was that I hated taking fish oil because of the taste, the quality was questionable, and I grew tired of taking pills every day. I was also very uncomfortable with the fish oil industry's environmental impact. Ultimately – I needed a solution that didn't yet exist.

See my solution...
Getting back on track.

Maya's story.

What he didn’t tell you is what a miserable human being he became and how much this impacted our relationship. It’s a heartbreaking experience watching your loved ones endure chronic pain, and feel inhibited by it…it impacts everyone around them. Yasir and I went through a tough time for a number of years, and it meant that my number one priority was to fix him, and by doing so, to fix us. He wasn’t consistent with taking the supplements which were obviously helping him.

It got me thinking – wouldn’t it be great if, instead of taking lots of pills, there was one product that included all the anti-inflammatory benefits he needs? Wouldn’t it be better if this came in liquid form so he would be more likely to take it?And what about the absorption rate – surely there’s a way this can be increased? Why isn’t there a sports recovery product that does this already?

Driven by the need to get our family back on track, our journey led us to DEFLAME – a product specifically designed for people like my husband who feel restricted and limited pain and inflammation in their muscles and joints, but want to live life to its fullest.

It’s for active people who want to stay active. It’s focused on a different type of sports recovery that goes beyond the traditional idea of a recovery supplements like protein shakes. No, this is about reducing pain and inflammation with one ultimate goal: INCREASING MOBILITY, so that we can keep on moving, and keep on doing the things we love.

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