Charlotte Hunt

Registered Structural & Cranial Osteopath

Sixteen years ago, Charlotte had a calling to retrain as an osteopath from a 15 year corporate career in the PR, oil and gas conference and insurance industries.  Long periods of stress from her work caused her chronic pain in her neck and back and she was inspired by the way osteopathy treatments helped to make her realise the impact of her environment and work schedule on her health.  So she embarked on a 5 year part time BSc (Hons) Osteopathy degree as a mature student and achieved a 1st class award and now has a busy practice in Coulsdon.  She also works in a great clinic in Farnham having gained many years of experience in clinics in HarleyStreet, Bloomsbury and South London.

With her own understanding as a patient as well as a first degree in Food Science& Nutrition plus previously working across so many different industries, she completely empathises with her patients of all ages and circumstances to what ever their presenting symptoms are.  ‘I absolutely love being able to help people of all ages by relieving their long- or short-term pains - I know how they feel as I have been there myself!’

Over recent years, she has built up particular interestand expertise in treating musculo-skeletal pains in expectant/post natalmothers, babies and children plus treating three generations of several families!In addition, she sees patients with posture-related pains, post operativerehabilitation and injuries from sports/activities.

Her treatments combine structural and cranialosteopathy with practical advice and support, including tailored exercises andergonomics.

‘I strongly believe that chronic and recurrent problem scan be avoided. I approach my treatment plans using the osteopathic principle that ‘health can be enabled by supporting the body’s own healing mechanisms’. My aim is to help patients identify, understand and manage the factors that contribute to their patterns of pain and dysfunction.  I want to ensure each individual achieves their best health state by becoming more self-aware so they can play a part in their own recovery, ensuring a long-term benefit rather than a quick fix’.  

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