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reduce inflammation


Liposomal Deflame - 450ml

Reduce inflammation & oxidative stress

Whether you want to reduce recovery time between workouts, reduce pain caused by inflammation, or you are looking for a natural way to deal with a specific inflammatory condition, we have you covered.

Deflame takes the guesswork out of supplementation for recovery from inflammation. This is a highly specialised, whole-food, plant-based product that combines nature’s most potent nutrients, in just the right quantities, with just the right delivery mechanism, for one specific purpose:

To reduce inflammation, naturally.

  • Results within three weeks
  • Money back guarantee
£ 54.99 
£ 54.99 
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Key benefits

Move with more confidence

Less fragility and greater sense of strength

Increased range of motion

Greater fluidity of movement and reduced stiffness

Faster recovery time

From DOMS and other aches and pains.

Increased flexibility

Reduced swelling in the the joints and tendons






with black pepper

vegan omega 3




Each 15ml
serving provides:

Vegan Omega 3 DHA
Indian Frankincense
Organic Black Pepper


More absorption

more effective

Than raw ingredients, pills, powders, and shots. Because each ingredient is micro-encapsulated inside liposomes, the nutrient content of one spoonful of Deflame is up to 8x better absorbed than any pill or powder based supplement.


better results

better value

LeaRn more

free from

Anything synthetic
Common allergens

100% natural complex

Our liposomes are made from Organic Sunflower lecithin, which is cold-extracted from Organic Cold-Pressed Sunflower oil. Learn more here.

Natural Acacia Tree Gum and Organic Glycerin, are used to facilitate the mixing of the sunflower lecithin in the Spring Water base

Citric Acid from Organic Citrus Fruits is used as a PH buffer to increase acidity which acts as a natural preservative.

Vitamin E is added an an antioxidant to improve stability by minimising the effect of oxidation

Completely free from: added colours, flavourings, artificial preservatives and sweeteners.

nutrients in liposomes

we searched the globe. not for ingredients, but for people.

Our farmers grow FOOD. No pesticides, proper crop rotation, fair treatment of staff. From these people, we believe we have sourced the highest quality commercially available ingredients in the world and we are proud to support them in their cause. The result is nutrient-dense food that does not cost the Earth.

LeaRn more

ultra high quality


Blood thinning medication

Those using anticoagulants should avoid turmeric or curcumin. Although this spice has anti-inflammatory properties, it also can magnify the effect of these anti-clotting medications.

how it works

Each ingredient targets a specific pathway but it is the synergistic effect of all four, full-spectrum ingredients, that makes Deflame so effective. Many of our customers are using Deflame as a natural alternative to over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs, that is safe to take daily.

Better absorption

  • Nutrients are protected from gastric acid
  • Improved permeability across the gut lining
  • Delivery of nutrients at a cellular level

The science bit

The biggest problem with traditional supplements is absorption. Most supplements simply pass straight through our systems because our bodies cannot absorb them. Deflame is different. Our technology encapsulates our precious ingredients in tiny bubbles called liposomes which means the nutrients can more easily pass into the bloodstream and ultimately directly to the cells where they are most needed.

one spoon.


designed around you

The second biggest problem with traditional supplements is actually remembering to take them daily. Absorption is zero if people aren't taking their supplements. This is why Deflame was designed in a liquid format so that it would be enjoyable and versatile enough to be incorporated into daily routines.

In water
In milk
In a smoothie


For best results combine Deflame with a balanced anti-inflammatory diet, exercise and good quality sleep. It’s a natural product but too strong for children. As always seek advice from your medical practitioner.

Take 15ml every day. Have it straight from one large tablespoon or mix it into a cold glass of milk or water. Don’t mix in hot liquid (it will destroy the liposomes). Once opened keep refrigerated and it’ll stay fresh & delicious for 8 weeks.

Straight up
Fits into daily routine

Featured in:

feed your recovery

Plant based
Cruelty free
Unique blend





results in three weeks

"Having tried various natural supplements with little or no effect I was keen to try Deflame – particularly because it’s liquid and liposomal. It was two weeks before I really noticed any difference and since then have found my knees are pain free even when starting out on a run on a cold morning.  I have realistic expectations and I am not expecting a miracle but can see a remarkable change – it is as if my joints have been well oiled!
Bridget S. verified buyer





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Liposomal Deflame - 450ml

Liposomal Deflame - 450ml

Reduce inflammation & oxidative stress

  • Results or your money back
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  • Damn good customer care
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£ 54.99 
£ 54.99 
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what our customers are saying


Who is it for?

No one likes the idea of exercising when you are sore, stiff, achy or injured. It can be hugely frustrating to not be able to perform the way you know you can - especially as we get older. The key is to prioritise recovery so that we are able to regenerate and get back to training to our full potential.

Although Deflame was designed to be able to provide results for elite athletes looking for a safe, pain killing remedy for osteo-muscular conditions associated with intense high-impact physical activities, our core customer is the everyday athlete looking to stay healthy, look good, feel good, and have fun. People like you!

It's also great for people looking for an alternative to paracetamol/ibuprofen  as well as sufferers of inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis.

Will it work?

We make our products with only the best intentions. Each product has been painstakingly put together over 2 years of design and testing. The result is an ultra high quality and unique set of products, which are designed to deliver transformative results. Having said that everyone is different....everyone has their own rhythm! So if you are genuinely unsatisfied with our product, send us an email at hello@rhythmnutrition.com along with the reason for the request, and we will refund you. It's that simple. Our money back guarantee is explained here.

How long will it take before I notice the difference?

It varies from person to person but in our experience, most people notice an improvement within 3 weeks.

What does it taste like?

It tastes like raw whole-food for obvious reasons. It opens with a fiery mouthful of pure spicy ginger followed by earthier turmeric notes and onto a warm sensation of pepper at the back of your throat. The aromatic bitterness of the frankincense comes in after that which is a bit like incense. Once that fades away you are left with that fuzzy feeling you get when you look after yourself. If you don't like the taste, mix it into water and you'll be fine.

How do you take it?

Take up to two table spoons per day. Morning and evening. If you're going to take one spoonful a day, we recommend using it in the evening to help your body recover overnight.We prefer to pour Plant Relief into a spoon because it's quick and easy, and you can measure your intake.You can also mix it into water - the benefit of our technology is that it makes otherwise insoluble ingredients, soluble. At home we mix it with milk to make a relaxing evening drink. We tend not to think about measuring too much and simply give the bottle a good squirt and mix it up. You can also pour it into shakes and over salads.

When do you take it?

It's perfect either before or after your workout to reduce the pain you feel afterwards and speed up the body's recovery after exercise. If you are only going to take it once a day, we recommend in the evening with a meal to enhance absorption even more.

Why is it so expensive?

Price is relative. If the comparison is being made to omega 3 capsules and turmeric pills, then you are comparing apples with oranges. I'll explain...

Firstly our cost of ingredients is much higher than the competition. This is because our farmer-partners around the world have been chosen because of their ethical and sustainable farming practices. They pay their staff fairly, they grow a high quality product on a small scale, and they are compensated fairly for it.

Secondly, the liposomal technology that Deflame utilises requires significant investment in research, development and equipment. It is many times more costly to manufacture liposomal food supplements than those in pill or powder formats.

Third, because Deflame is liquid, the format is larger in size (the bottle), and it requires an end-to-end refrigerated supply chain, including storage. which is many times more expensive than products that require ambient temperature supply chains.

Fourth, there are a total of 5 ingredients in Deflame, which means at least 5 x the ingredient cost of single-ingredient supplements.

Fifth, we are running a business. As much as the goal is to help people to extend their health spans by helping people to move better throughout their lives, this is a family-owned and run, UK based business. We are just getting started and I need to turn a profit so I can feed my kids! The current price-point is not sustainable and as we increase volumes, the price will need to increase to become profitable.

In summary, this is a premium product for people who want results. We would argue that it's pretty good value.

What are the dietary guidelines?

Deflame is Vegan, Gluten free, Halal & Kosher certified.

Is Deflame suitable for children?

Deflame is not recommended for children under the age of 14

Are there any interactions that I should be aware of?

Those using anticoagulants should avoid turmeric or curcumin. Although this spice has anti-inflammatory properties, it also can magnify the effect of these anti-clotting medications.

Please not that some customers with nut allergies, also have a sensitivity to sunflower oil, which is used to make the liposomes.

As always, please check with your medical practitioner if you have concerns or drop us an email at hello@rhythmnutrition.com

What is the expiration date?

Deflame will stay fresh for 8 weeks once it has been opened, as long as it is kept refrigerated. See the bottom of the bottle for the expiration date.

When do I receive my Deflame?

Any order placed before 1pm GMT, Monday to Friday, will be dispatched the same day and will arrive the next day.

Orders placed on Saturday before 10am will be dispatched the same day and will arrive on Monday.

Any orders placed after the cut-off times displayed above will be dispatched the next business day.

Do you ship internationally


Is all your packaging reclyclable?

Yes everything from the bottle, the cap, the label, the back, and everything in it, is recyclable. You can read our sustainability policy here.