Joint pain let's fix it.

Hurt Wrist

Address joint pain today! Your future self will thank you.

Our focus is to help you reduce pain and inflammation, increase comfort, and help you to keep doing the things you love.

you can fix this.

Lack of mobility is starting to hold you back and it's frustrating.

You're worried about what will happen when it gets even worse. You want to be back in CONTROL of your health, so that you can keep doing the things that matter to you for as long as possible...

..and you're reading this page because you haven't found a solution that gives you the results you are looking for.


doing nothing is not an option.

Don't let yourself believe that it's because you're getting older. That thinking is outdated!

Joint pain is your body telling you that something isn't right.

And it's only going to get worse unless you make the necessary changes.

what most people do.

Self - prescribe a cocktail of cheap Amazon-bought supplements, and over-the-counter painkillers.

What you end up with is little-to-no-change in your pain levels (and a drawer full of supplements past their sell-by date).

When it comes to painkillers, you don't need me to tell you that they aren't good for you in the long run .

In any case, taking pills every day is a horrible experience.

Having suffered from chronic joint pain for several years, we went through the same process and arrived exactly at the point you are at now.

so what's the solution?

Let's be clear. There is no magic pill. It took time for your joints to gradually become more and more painful.

It will take time and effort to reverse it. But here's the key point - countless people have done it, and so can you (just read the reviews below).

Deflame Ingredients

1. The right nutrients.

Consume the right nutrients that will provide specific benefits for your joint tissues...

2. The right format. the correct format so that the nutrients are absorbed optimally

3. Strenghthen & Stretch.

Strengthen and stretch the muscles around your joints through specific training.

4. Cut the bad stuff.

Cut back on bad stuff in your life, and add good stuff (we will cover this in our guide).

results you can expect.

Significant improvements in mobility and pain, within weeks.

More than that, it's when the people around you notice and comment that you look better that you realise how much your overall well-being is improved.

It goes to show just how important it is to prioritise our joint health and look after it for the long run.

Let me tell you about what we have developed.

Our approach to addressing joint pain.

Two products specifically designed to relieve joint pain, naturally.
Each one is beautifully made, with zero compromises.

step 1: Reduce excess PAIN & swelling


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Step one is to address excess inflammation in the body, naturally. Reduced swelling means less stiffness and less pain.

Nourish your body with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients that will help dampen down any excess inflammation in the body.

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step 2: Nourish joint tissues

complete repair collagen

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In order to repair and protect you cartilage, we have developed a collagen designed specifically for joint repair.

What's more it is, it is personalised.

Complete Repair is a hydrolysed grass-fed bovine collagen that provides nutrients to the cartilage that cushions the joints, strengthens the gut lining, while also promoting movement and flexibility.

Complete Repair and healthy woman

best value: Deflame + Complete Repair

the movement toolkit

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This two-step approach is the most popular option and it gives the best results.

Step 1: Reduce Inflammation with Deflame
Step 2: Nourish joint tissues with Complete Repair

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Movement Toolkit

Our promise to you.

We back our products because we designed them for ourselves.
If you don't FEEL the difference, you get a full refund. No questions.
It's that simple. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.