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What our customers say

We pride ourselves on quality of product and serrvice here is the proof.

I'm about to order a second batch.

Well, it tastes great and I haven't got any worse. Taste is good but if it gets on clothing it stains like mad! Some people have said it may take six weeks to fully kick in. I'm really hoping so as I'd love to get off the steroids...


March 15, 2023
Happy customer

Have only used this for a few weeks so it’s early days but so far I feel there is a difference in arthritic pain in my feet and an added bonus is I seem to be having a more restful sleep! The taste is quite strong but you get used to it.


March 15, 2023
Welcome relief

Deflame has been a relief for me. I’ve suffered for a year with inflammation of the bursa and finally after taking deflame for a month I finally feel some relief of the pain. Thank you 😊


March 15, 2023
My hands feel looser!

As a therapist I use my hands a lot. At the end of the day they can really ache. I've developed arthritis in my thumb and index finger joint and since taking Deflame I have noticed a considerable difference with the stiffness in these fingers.


March 15, 2023
Awesome Product!

I love this product and have been using it a very long time now. This is my only turmeric containing supplement, as it works especially combined with the other ingredients the product includes! It is very palatable (I take it straight off the spoon). I know not to mix it into hot drinks as it is detrimental to the liposomal formula, otherwise it would have been included in my coffee or hot chocolate. This isn’t a dislike but the turmeric stains your tongue for a short while haha!! Nothing to dislike about it xxx


March 15, 2023
I'd looked for a long time for a very good quality turmeric rich based product, this is it !

Easy to consume , turmeric rich. Noticeably effective and tasty too.


March 25, 2022
Impressed with Complete Repair

It has made a big difference to my skin and hair, cannot be certain but also seems to have improved my mobility. Did not dislike anything and need a repeat please.


March 22, 2022
Surprised by how effective this is

Amazing feeling some benefits after only 3 weeks. My pain and stiffness improving every day.


March 19, 2022
A amazing product and company!

This is a fantastic pack - I have been using all three products for a month now and have really noticed a difference, my hands are less painful and swollen. Maya is fabulous, so helpful and responds to any questions so quickly. Why not give it go?


March 1, 2022
My stiffness is 90% better that in turn makes me move more!

Excellent product will continue to use I suffer badly from arthritis and my stiffness is 90% better that in turn makes me move more and feel mentally better as well, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The taste a lovely warming taste


February 26, 2022
Love it!

Great ingredients and taste


February 20, 2022