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Hurt Wrist

Keep doing what you love.

Try our natural supplements to reduce pain and inflammation, stay active and do what you love. Enjoy a better quality of life with our plant-based food supplements.

What our customers say

We pride ourselves on quality of product and serrvice here is the proof.

Mixes so well!

Barely any stirring. No clumps at all. Tiniest bit of taste but I just want to drink it with water. Excited for results. Immediate pain relief. Can't wait for skin benefits

September 30, 2023
Love this stuff

This is great. Put it on my morning coffee and can’t taste a thing. Works really well for joint pain.

September 29, 2023

Can see joint pain improvement

September 21, 2023
Complete Repair

I put a table spoon in my coffee every morning. There is no taste. I have been using this product for a month now and I do think my skin, hair and nails are in better condition. The main reason I use this is for my bone health.

September 15, 2023
Great product

I use this product for my joints and bones. I found that it is inexpensive ordering it through their site. Great product.

September 12, 2023
It Really Works!

I was skeptical but really needed help for my joints. I have always bought from them because they are a good company. Haven't felt this good in years!

September 8, 2023
Easy to use, blends well

This collagen mixes well with any warm liquid. I typically add it to my morning coffee. When I have iced coffee, I mix the powder with a little warm water first- doing this it has a slight odor until you mix it with your flavored beverage and then you don't even notice it. I'm using this product for hair issues and it has helped in a short time.

September 8, 2023
Absolutely no taste or change to my morning coffee.

Will be buying this over and over!

September 7, 2023
Love It!

Complete repair has become a staple in my routine. My hair feels thicker, and my nails are stronger than ever. I mix it into my yogurt, and it blends perfectly without altering the taste. Definitely recommend!

August 29, 2023
Mom on the Move

As a mom juggling workouts and chasing two wild kiddos, my achy joints were totally cramping my style. Started chugging this collagen magic two months back, and you know what? Progress is real! Knees aren't giving me side-eye during workouts, and I'm not lagging behind on bike rides with the mini tornadoes. Taste? Chill. Goes straight into my protein shake, no drama.

August 28, 2023
Happy Joints!

the stiffness and discomfort on my joints have reduced noticeably making everyday movements much easier. The taste is mild, and I've been adding it to my morning yogurt. A win for joint support!

August 22, 2023