You want to help your audience to achieve their goals. That’s why we’ve designed a program that allows you to give them special access to products and information that will help them get to where they want to be.

it's a matter of trust

recommend in confidence

Trust is the most important thing here. We understand this which is why we create the best products in the world for reducing inflammation, and and only offer the referral programme for people who have been previous customers and have experienced the results for themselves.

If we do this right, your audience will get the results they want (and they will love you for it), and you get a number of benefits for the work you put in. We call this a win-win.

what's in it for me?


10% Credit

On the cart value of referred transactions.

product allocation

A discounted price for personal use

inside scoop

Give your audience early insights

who is the programme suited to?

This is programme is only available for people who have experienced the results for themselves, and would like to spread the word.


Calling experts in your respective fields: Nutritionists, Doctors, Functional Health folks, Orthopaedics, Physios, and see how you can help your clients.


Whether its food, fitness, gardening, as long as your specialist area involved staying healthy, and moving lots, get in touch to learn how you can help your audience.

get involved

how it works

Send us an enquiry through the link below. We'll be in touch promptly, we can give you some more information, and we can decide if we are a good fit for one another.